Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Daddy Boot Camp

Now, I’ll loosely call this blog “Daddy Boot Camp”. Dads equally share the same worries that Mom does through pregnancy and sometimes worry how things will pan out and what his role will be when baby first arrives. Here’s a brief overview of how Daddy can survive (read: pass with flying colors) those first few weeks (months?) with mommy as she heals and learns the needs of the newest bundle of joy.


Whether mom is breastfeeding or formula feeding- dads can help! Nursing moms needs lots of hydration while nursing and even bringing her a bottle of water while nursing can be a great gesture of support. For those night time formula feedings, Dad- make that bottle for mom so she can get a little extra sleep! *Note: Mothers nursing need to establish good latch and supply before trying to use a bottle of pumped breastmilk at night

Catch those Zzz’s

Those first weeks you’ll  likely be so tired from the excitement and visitors and those sweet night interactions with your new baby that you’ll be ready for bed before its even dark. Let the DVR catch that game! Hit the hay at 7pm guilt free, you’re working hard!

Reassurance for Mom
Hey, we’re new too! We have so many crazy things coming out of us (babies, placentas, milk..) that we sometimes need a reminder that we’re doing okay. Make sure you let your partner know they its a team effort. Its important to stay positive and constructive as well as encouraging to boost her confidence as a new mother. You’re both doing great! In a few weeks mom will have her wits about herself (and a few more hours of sleep) and get to return the favor of appreciation.

Be Excited!
Maternity leave sounds awesome, right? Your wife stays home with the apple of your eye all day and sleeps-- total eazy peazy life. WRONG, fellas!  While the “babymoon” is blissful and we love our little bundles, those first six weeks can be hard on a momma if shes frequently alone. (You’d be surprised the chores/cooking you can learn to do with one hand.) Nothing brings the stress level down like hearing “Honey, I’ve missed our little guy all day while I was at work, why don’t I take him while you go shower?”.

Its Not Babysitting, It’s Parenting
Careful on that phrasing, Papa! When mama wants to run to the store or catch a snooze without a baby in her arms-- you’re not babysitting, you’re parenting! You’re a father, welcome to parenthood!

It’s the Little Things

After all of the above, you’re probably feeling like you’re doing a heck of a lot of work! You are! BUT, those little milestones your new baby reaches keep you going..during the 3AM poo blowout, you notice that first little twinge of a smile that may not be gas. Your darling babe will be awak for more than ten minutes and you can quietly gaze into each other eyes and connect.Your job is so important, as a partner and as a father. You are the pillar of strength! New mom really loves new dad.

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