Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Top 10 Craziest Pieces of Parenting Advice.

Having a pregnant woman around suddenly attracts all the pregnancy and parenting experts,right? Most of the advice is well intended,but out of date. This a list of incorrect,outdated,and just plain weird advice for pregnant women and new parents.

"Once your friends and relatives become aware of the fact that you are pregnant, you will be the recipient of all sorts of advice and suggestions from them. While this advice will be offered with the best of intentions and from the kindliest of motives, pay no attention to it at all. No matter how many babies your Aunt Minnie had, this has no bearing on you nor does it establish her as an authority. It is often difficult not to listen, but you should politely indicate that you get your advice from your doctor. Listening to the horrendous tales of your friends' obstetrical experiences is apt to be an upsetting pastime."
- Frederick H. Goodrich, Preparing for Childbirth: A Manual for Expectant Parents. London: George Allen and Unwin Ltd., 1967,.

1.Don't raise your arms above your head or you will cause a nuchal cord (umbilical cord wrapped around baby's neck).
2. Don't look at ugly people or your baby will be ugly. Crazy,eh?
3. Don't look at animals or you will give birth to one.  
4.Don't hold your baby,you'll spoil him if you hold them too much.
5. Cats can steal the breath of the baby
6. Dang,cats are at it again. Don't hold a cat while pregnant or it will steal the baby's soul.
7. Let the baby cry. They need to learn to self-soothe. Whatever that even means!
8.You need to drink milk in order to make milk. How ever did we survive before people starting milking cows?! 
9.Don't hug or kiss your baby. Again with the spoiling here. It is infact,impossible to spoil a baby.
10. Tickling a baby's feet makes them go crazy.

As you can see most of the things on this list seem down right ridiculous. Parenting and pregnancy rules are ever changing. Trust yourself, there is no definitive manual, we are equipped with all we need to birth and parent if we just stop listening to all the drivel out there. 

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