Monday, March 7, 2016

That's Not How Any of This Works!

Hold on, stop the presses! This blog is circling the birth community again: . I'm sure she was well meaning and had the best intentions for her readers,but she was way off base.

Our role as your doula is to support you through your birthing experience. We are not your coach,we do not replace your partner. We are on your birth team that YOU choose. We all work for you,the birthing person. The nurse works for you. The doctor works for you. You are the boss who has hired all of us to help bring your baby earthside. If any of us are not meeting your needs,you should show us the door,even during labor. Yes,even during labor. We are not there to be adversarial to your care provider or even be your advocate. The doula is there to support you and empower you to make the decisions that you need to make for your birth.

Doulas are supported by evidence. Check this out.

That snark about Medicaid moms needing to reassess finances if they hire a doula is uncalled for and disrespectful. Hilary(NOT our Hillary) dear,who are you to decide who deserves support and who doesn't? That's mighty judgemental coming from someone claiming to be there for her patients. Oh, and doulas SAVE the state money. Yes, there's a study about that too,you might want to do a little reading.  This article is a great starting point.

Doulas do not replace or stand in the way of the partner. We help the partner support the birthing mother. Sometimes labor is long and dads need rest,food,or a bathroom break. With a doula present partners are able to be supportive while having their needs met too. Labor can be overwhelming for all involved and we are happy to guide you through the process.

Hiring a doula is a personal choice and when interviewing one trust your instincts. Evansville has plenty of great doulas to go around and we have a great working relationship with hospital staff in the area. There is a lot more I could say on this subject,but I'll save some blogging for later.

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