Saturday, April 23, 2016

You Say Pospartum, We Say...


I've noticed that some people equate the word postpartum with postpartum depression, that is not what it is at all. Anyone who has a baby goes through the postpartum period as the defition of postpartum is the time following birth. By now, I assume you know what doulas do during pregnancy and the birth process,if not check out some of our other blogs about what we do! We also offer pospartum doula services.

A postpartum doula comes to you and helps out after baby is born. We can start as soon as you get home or any time you may need us. Nights? Weekends? Whenever you want help.

Your postpartum doula can:

Hold the baby while you rest.
Teach you the magic baby hold.
Clean your house while you feed and bond with baby.
Troubleshoot feeding issues, I (Candice) will soon be a CLC.
Help create a routine for you and your family.
Sterilize bottles.
Do laundry.
Walk the dog.
Do any heavy lifting you aren't supposed to be doing right after giving birth.
Wear your baby and teach you to use your carriers,carseats,and strollers.
Go along on errands to help with baby, or run them for you while you relax at home.
Decipher cryptic babygear instructions and help choose items that work best for you.
Entertain your older children.
Help out with bedtime.
Guide you through the dreaded witching hour.
Run interference with visitors.
Decode the loads of parenting information out there. We help find what works for YOU and YOUR baby.

This list is just some of what a postpartum doula can do for you. We will gladly provide whatever support you need during your childbearing year. There is no limit on how long you can have a postpartum doula working for you, you can book as little as 3 hours up to as many hours as you need. Check our website for more information. We welcome chats on facebook too!

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