Monday, June 6, 2016

What I Love

Being a doula, I get to be involved in some of the most magic moments in the world.

I love helping families welcome their newest additions into this world.  There is nothing quite as amazing as childbirth, no matter how it happens.  I am honored to be a part of it every single time. I love the look on parents’ faces when their baby emerges.  But those are the selfish things I love about being a doula.

My job entails giving emotional, physical, and informational support to families during labor and delivery (mostly). This is the very heart of my job.  Families call me, often in the middle of the night, to come help them get through labor.  I get to go to their houses while they are in the throes of labor and talk to them about what’s been going on so far.  I get to help the laboring person move around, massage them, and tell them when I think everything is going alright. Rarely do I have to help them make a decision to go to the hospital, though I did once have to tell a mom to stop pushing and get in the car unless she wanted a homebirth.  Physically, it can be taxing sometimes. I can squeeze hips for hours, but at some point the rebozo and partner are going to have to help. 

As a childbirth educator, I also love the looks on people’s faces when they learn something and have that a-ha moment.  Their faces light up with surprise and their eyebrows raise when something has peaked their interest or they make a realization that changes their perspective.  Those are the moments I live for in the classroom.

I also love when hospitals have overwhelmingly supportive staff who go above and beyond time and time again.  When a nurse catches me standing on a bed doing a rebozo technique and asks me how to do that and why I’m doing it instead of yelling at me to get out of the bed. I love a nurse who is more than happy to hold a monitor on a pregnant belly while a mom labors in any position she wants.  Let me not forget to give a major shout-out to the nurses who get the stick on the first try.  Thank you so much for not turning my clients into pincushions. 

Providers who respect a family’s rights in childbirth are another great professional love of mine.  A doctor who patiently waits as a mother pushes her baby down is invaluable to birth. A midwife who catches babies in any position is amazing. A provider who waits for laboring down to take its full effect and lets gravity and the uterus do most of the work before pushing even begins, that is a great provider.

Most of all, I love my job as a doula and a childbirth educator.  Every moment that I get to help families as they grow is amazing, and I truly try to cherish them all.